Saint Pio Award

The Saint Pio Award has been established to recognize the selfless and outstanding contributions by those individuals who have served as extraordinary examples in “providing relief from suffering to those in need.”

The presentation of the Saint Pio Award is a climactic moment in the life of the Saint Pio Foundation, and the award itself reflects the importance of those to whom it is given.

The Saint Pio Award is accompanied by the presentation of an original oil painting by the renowned Italian painter Oronzo Lupo, which portrays Saint Pio and the recipient of the Saint Pio Award.

Award Recipients

The acclaimed Hollywood Actor Joe Mantegna and philanthropist Franco Nuschese, owner of Cafe Milano, in Washington D.C.

Mr. Joseph M. Mattone Sr., Chairman and CEO The Mattone Group and Judge Daniel F. Caruso, Fairfield Probate District Court, CT.

The acclaimed Actor Gary Sinise and Hon. Jim Nicholson, former Secretary for Veteran Affairs and former US Ambassador to the Holy See.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Carol Fedele, Deacon Jeffrey Trexler, and Bishop Frank Caggiano (special guest).

The acclaimed Actor Joe Mantegna (special guest), Father John Enzler, and Hon. Rick and Karen Santorum.

Bishop David O’ Connell (special guest), Executive Chef Celestino Drago, Lannette and Scott Turicchi, and Actor and Singer Robert Davi.

Maestro Luciano Lamonarca, Patty and Anthony Rizzo Jr.

Oronzo Lupo - A young man of the Seventeenth Century

He was born in Francavilla Fontana (Brindisi) in July 6th, 1973. Since grade school he manifested a passion for art devoted himself to the reproduction of sacred subjects in the Easter period and replacing his mates in the realization of the drawings, in secret to his master.

Antonio Mannaro is the prophet of his talent, teacher of art education at the middle school Virgilio. His path is now traced. He enrolled at the Art Institute in Grottaglie where he obtained a degree of applied art, ceramics section. Classical painting is the address chosen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he attended the lectures of the Master D’Acchille. He completed his academic studies in Lecce where, there were not seat availability for the classical figurative painting course so he attended the modern painting room.

His inclination emerges early.

Oronzo Lupo, a young man of the Seventeenth Century. His passion for the Seventeenth Century can be seen firstly in the faithful reproductions of the great artists of the time. The same sizes and proportions, the same light, the same colours that make him, “an alter ego of the great painters of the Seventeenth Century.” writes Anna Maria Leccese in “40th Parallel”.

Caravaggio is his greatest inspiration, and from him Lupo learns to love the truth, the focus on the reality and the ability to represent it, even photograph it, with “a descriptive lyricism expressed with an abundance of detail” according to the art critic Dino Marasà.

His characters are far from the classical fashion, they are living figures, as in the Deposizione where the protagonists have a strong resemblance to his models. Oronzo Lupo is a good sketch artist, but not only.

His naked figures are delicate and sensual, the still lives bring with them the sense of time, the faces are deep, intense, sometimes full of pain, the figures stand out in powerful chiaroscuro. “When there is not energy, there is no colour, no shape, no life,” said Caravaggio. The works of Oronzo Lupo are full of energy.