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Grant Application Instructions

The Saint Pio Foundation provides grants to not-for-profit American Catholic healthcare, educational, social, religious, and cultural organizations, in the United States of America, and abroad.


  • An applicant must be a federally tax-exempt organization under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • An applicant must promote Christian values.

Application Requirements

  • An application must include the following:
  • Complete financial statement
  • Detailed project budget
  • An introductory letter from the president and/or chairman of the organization’s governing board
  • A written statement explaining how the organization will institute and promote an annual “Saint Pio’s Day” in the organization’s community (more information are available upon request)
  • Photos of the projects for which the grant is requested, if applicable
  • Explanation of the purpose of and plans for the project

Application Submission

Applications may be submitted throughout the year to the Saint Pio Foundation office via email or ordinary mail. Grant amounts range from $1,000 to $10,000, and the amount of the actual grant will vary according to the proposed project. An organization is eligible to receive one grant per year. If an organization has received a grant previously, documents and images, if applicable, must be included in the application submission that explain how the organization used awarded grant to achieve the goals stated in its previous application.

Notification of Receipt

The Saint Pio Foundation will provide a telephonic or email notice of receipt of an organization’s application. If an organization has not received a notification of receipt within one month from the date of its submission, it should contact the Foundation.

Review Process

An officer of the Foundation may request a site visit or additional information. Only complete applications are eligible for final review. The Board of Trustees of the Saint Pio Foundation will consider each grant application at the first board meeting immediately after the application has been submitted. The decision of the Board of Trustees to award or to decline a grant request is final and not subject to later negotiation or appeal.

Presentation of a Grant Award

Grant recipients will be notified by mail within one month following the decision of the Board of Trustees. Depending on availability and the request of the Board of Trustees of the Saint Pio Foundation, a check in the amount of the grant may be presented in person for a photo opportunity with an official of the recipient organization.

Declined Proposals

Applicants whose grant requests have been declined will be notified by email. While all decisions by the Saint Pio Foundation’s Board of Trustees with respect to selecting applicants to receive a grant may not be appealed, an organization can contact the Foundation to request assistance with developing better proposals for a future year’s application.

Administration and Reports

Grant recipients are required to provide twelve monthly reports that provide updated information about the progress made in achieving the objectives of the project. At the discretion of the Foundation, the contents of these reports may be shared with Foundation members, contributors, and the public as part of its ongoing efforts to publicize the work of the Foundation.

If a grant recipient is unable to proceed with the project that it outlined in its grant application, it must inform the Saint Pio Foundation within two weeks of the date on which the organization has determined that it cannot proceed.

Applications & Inquiries

All the applications and inquiries should be sent to:

Via email:
270 North Avenue, Suite 808
New Rochelle, NY 10801