Event Videos

Event Videos

U.N. Leaders to honor Padre Pio on the 50th anniversary of his passing

Saint Pio Award Ceremony, November 17, 2017

Saint Pio Tour Relic Video Promo 2017

An Evening with Franc D'Ambrosio, October 22, 2016, Los Angeles

Presentation of the Adelia Award to Cardinal Edwin F. O'Brien

Second Saint Pio Award Ceremony Washington, D.C , May 27, 2016 - official video

First Saint Pio Award Ceremony Bridgeport - Official Video

Singing for Saint Pio Benefit Concert, Pasadena, California

White Christmas benefit concert, December 13, 2015

White Christmas benefti concert, December 11, 2015

1st Saint Pio Award Ceremony Washington D.C. - Official Video